(it was really hot…)

Miles + his vase


You’re the only ten I see.

Let’s Play Minecraft:
Episode 89 - Mad King Ryan Part 1

congratulations on your face; congratulations for existing.

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if there’s things we’ll never explain. You know, like, what if we did answer all the questions?

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100 pictures of Rooster Teeth 100/100!

And I hear you calling in the dead of night


→The Hearts of Rooster Teeth: Jack Pattillo



Ray Narvaez, everyone

A hero to all, taking one day at time.

So apparently my computer is just too old and a piece of shit so I can’t update my browser. I logged out on my computer and my old ass browser refuses to let me click the log in button so I’m stuck on mobile til I get a new computer basically. So everyone just bear with me because I’m trying to do everything on my tablet and its not fun so ya don’t expect a lot for a while :{

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Sometimes there are no words… R.I.P Mika